Encuesta Certificación ODOO

Al editar un formulario de entrada, ¿como se distinguen los campos obligatorios?

¿Es posible crear un nuevo modelo , con nuevos campos, vistas y nuevas opciones de menú directamente desde el interfaz de ODOO?

¿Es posible suscribir directamente a nuevos empleados a un grupo de discusión/debate? (Sin necesidad de desarrollo o definición de acción autimatizada)

¿Por qué se puede ordenar ascendente/descendentemente en algunos campos y en otros no en la vista listado?

Supongamos que vendemos un producto para el cual el plazo de entrega del proveedor es menor al plazo de espera prometido al cliente. Si no vendemos este producto a menudo y el precio del producto es muy caro, ¿cual de los siguientes es el método de aprovisionamiento más adecuado?

What happens if you configure a product with these settings: "Product Type= Service" and "Track Service= Create a task and track hours"

What values can be used for the default and the purchase unit of measures?

What is the purposse of pricelists in ODOO?

If I manage a product whose cost is based on the average price. Suppose I have 8 pieces of product in stock with a cost of 100 EUR / piece. If I purchase and receive two new pieces for a proce of 10 EUR / piece, what will be my cost?

If the costing method is "Average Price", will the unit cost of a product change when I receive some products?

Where is the costing method defined?

If you forgewt to include a product in the inventory adjustment, will its stock level be updated to zero?

Is it possible to make a conversion between two units of measure from different categories?

What stock moves will be generated when you manually update the Quantity On Hand of a product from 5 Units to 4 Units?

Cuando se imprime una Cotización/Oferta, ¿en que idioma aparecerá el PDF?

Al crear una factura manualmente a un nuevo cliente, ¿se debe definir una Tarifa/Lista de Precios?

Cálculo del Precio/Costo

En Ventas>Configuración>Ajustes, ¿Cual de las siguientes respuestas es cierta cuando se marca/palomea "Visualizar Margen en Ofertas/Cotizaciones y Pedidos de Venta"?

When is the surcharge applied in the price computation of the pricelist?

What is the impact of the "customer lead time" field on a product?

When we update a product sales price, is it automatically updated in every quotation?

Which of the following is true regarding the unit price of a product in a quotation?

What will be the scheduled delivery date if I confirm a sales order on September 1st for a product that has a customer lead time of 5 day and 2 sales safety days. Note taht there is enought stock to deliver.

Suppose a customer is linked to the "Retailer" pricelist. If you make a quotation and set its pricelist to "Consumer" before selecting a product; what will be the price proposed by ODOO for the sales order?

Can you create a new customer right from a quotation?

Can you find all your existing products in a sales order?

If I add "Suggested Products" in a quotation, will it affect the total amount of the quote?

On a product form, when the "Control Purchase Bills" is set as "On received quantities", it means:

Is it possible to create a vendor bill starting form a purchase order?

On a product form, when the "Control Purchase Bills" is set as "On ordered quantities", it means:

When you purchase new products, how is the scheduled receipt date computed?

On vendors form view, clicking on the button "Purchase orders" will show both the quotations and the purchase orders for this vendor?

From a vendor form view, does clicking on the button "Vendor bills" show the bills for this vendor that are only in the status "paid"?

A request for quoyation is created everytime:

Can I create a vendor bill by grouping several purchase orders?

When using a "Blanked Order" agreement type, is it possible to order more quantities that what's in the purchase agreement?

If a product has several vendors, which one is proposed on request for quotations?

When I create a purchase agreement and select a vendor, are product prices automatically proposed?

When the "Control Purchase Bill" is set to "On received quantities", quantities to invoice will update only when incoming shipments has been processed?

Whats the impact of the option "Select only one RfQ (exclusive) on the purchase agreement type?

What's the impact of setting the "Control Purchase Bill" on the product as "On ordered quantities"?

Where do you define the vendor delivery time?

Suppose that you want to invoice a sales order in 3 times: 30%, 40% and 30%. Using the down payment mechanism, you already the first two invoices. How should you proceed to generate the lastest invoice?

When is an invoice considered as paid in ODOO?

When an invoice is validated, can you still add more lines?

Can you put several taxes on the same invoice line?

In the CRM dashboard, how is the KPI "Won in Opportunities" computed?

What are the available languages on a contact form?

Can the same contact be a vendor and a customer

Is it possible to change the status of an opportunity after is it converted into a quote?

By default, a contact has the address of his related company

Which of the following operations can you achieve by sending an email to ODOO?

Is it possible to define a pricelist only applicable to one contact of a customer?

How many quotation(s) and order(s) can I generate from an opportunity?

In the CRM dashboard, what does each box represent?

Where do you activate the feature to automatically update porbabilities (%) when opportunities progress in your pipeline

What's the impact of setting the addess type to "Shipping"?

Is it possible to to define new stages directly from the kanban view of the tasks?

Is it possible to define different kanban stages for different porjects?

Can you share the same kanban stages across different projects?

Is it possible to create a task without associating it with a project?

Is it possible to define different kanban stages for taskes and issues within the same project?

When a user records timesheets, where is the employee hourly cost defined for a specific timesheet entry?

When are forecasted quantities updated for components used in a manufacturing order?

How can you configure ODOO to automate the creation of the preventive maintenance requests?

How is the "Mean Time Between Failure" (MTBF) calculated?

On which document is the OEE computed?

How is the "Mean Time to Repair" (MTTR) calculated?

In a OEE calculation, what's included in the "Fully Productive Time"?

Can you use a kit in a bill of material line?

Can you define several Bill of Materials for the same product

How to set up a Bill of Material to produce several products at once? (A+B->C+D)

When a quality check is requested, can I still continue my operation without having to validate the quality check?

Once a Manufacturing Order is validated, can I produce more than what is expected?

What documents will be generated when you confirm a sales order with a product that has a BoM of type "Kit"?

What's the purposse of Engineering Change Orders (ECO)?

Can you define a quality control point on incoming shipments?

What is the aim of the employee tag in the leave allocation?

Is it possible to assign working schedule for a specific contract of an employee?

I want to reimburse employees 0.4$/Km when they travel with their own cars for business. What concept should I sue?

What is required to allow users to submit expenses by email?

Is it possible that the same user both submits and validates an expense?

Where do you configure the color of the leave day highlighted in the "Leaves by department" report?

It is possible to group expenses before sending them to the manager?